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I love using Reward Stations to ensure that we can always reinforce the behaviors we like! Here are some tips to help you set them up and use them properly in your training.

🦴 Use a mix of different treats! I like to include different flavors and textures in my stations to keep it interesting.

🦴 Place near thresholds and doorways! Many of my clients have goals relating to thresholds. They may want their dog to wait before going through a baby gate, or want to train their dog to greet visitors nicely at the front door, or want to have a dog stay on the other side of a gate for periods of time. Reward stations placed in these areas can be a HUGE help!

🦴 Use an airtight jar to keep treats fresh.

🦴 Likewise, it is very helpful to actually keep moist treats in a ziplock bag, and then put that bag inside the jar so that they don’t dry out!

🦴 Place reward stations in all areas of the home where the dog spends a lot of awake time. This may mean that you have one set up in the kitchen, one in the living room, a few near important thresholds, and other places too!

Where are you keeping your reward stations, and how many do you have in your home? Let me know in the comments!


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