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"We have had a wonderful experience with Rachel. She has been such a valuable source of information in getting our puppy settled in on a solid training program. Her approach has been so successful. He positively vibrates with excitement when he sees her coming. We look forward to working with her as he grows up."
- Kim Dobson-Callahan

"We thought our wild man was going to be a challenge to train, but after several sessions with Rachel, we are shocked at how quickly he has learned and retained his new skills. Our Goldendoodle, Sully, is a big boy with lots and lots of juvenile energy.
He loves to run (away), give energetic hugs (jump), and has a healthy appetite (for the baby's pacifiers). In just one session we noticed a difference in his attention span and eagerness to learn. It's still a work in progress, but the techniques Rachel taught us are things we can work on daily with him. 
He still gets excited when meeting new friends (any person or animal that glances in his direction), but he channels his energy through tail wagging and bunny hopping. Thank you Rachel, for being patient with our Sullivan."
- Shauna Fruland

"Rachel has not only been an amazing trainer to our Ella but she has gone above and beyond on making sure Ella is being set up for success through advice, tips and always keeping up with her student. Ella completely adores her. I loved how Ella came back home being more receptive to "leave it", "focus" and emergency recall cues; got introduced to nail clipping; and even got some age-appropriate agility intro sessions.

We also reached out to Rachel for help in getting Ella prepared for being home alone as we were going to be back at the office. She prepared a very detailed plan for her for the upcoming weeks but also has been able to adjust the plan to accommodate to what Ella needed at the time. Ella went through some things at the Vet that really shook her off and Rachel picked up on everything and was able to tell Ella wasn't being her normal self, and made adjustments to her plan accordingly. Similar to this situation, Rachel was able to identify every "bump" on the road and make the best judgement approach to each situation. She would also review Ella's training videos real-time, and would bring up elements in Ella's surroundings that she noticed could have an effect on her training. I'm so proud of Ella's progress in her separation training and how far she's come. Melanie and I feel so blessed to have found Rachel and have her be such a Key part of Ella's life!"

- Juan Lavergne 


"Rachel is great! Our little doggy is a timid pup and I wanted him to be able to be less scared of the world.


Interestingly, most of the training was geared towards us not our pup! Just knowing how to present situations to him without overwhelming him has been so helpful and seems to make him a happier pup.

We're expecting our first baby soon, and Rachel has done a pre write up of tips and things to get our pup as prepared as possible in advance. We also plan to do another session or two soon after we bring our baby home, to help us start that relationship off on the right foot. Thanks Rachel!"


- Grace Loveless

"Rachel was a life saver our first year with Stella, our Goldendoodle. We have 3 young kids, and life is crazy in our home - and then we added a puppy to it! Rachel is amazing - she used her background in animal behavior research to help train Stella using and taught us how to do it as we went along.
Stella is 1 year old now and every day we are able to calmly say our most basic commands of "focus", "leave it", "drop it", "easy", etc. and Stella obeys, making life peaceful in our home. Rachel even taught our 7 year old daughter to help train Stella, so when I'm busy, our daughter can reinforce the training activities! Rachel makes it fun and practical. She is adaptive and seems to always know another trick should Stella try to outsmart us.
We highly recommend Rachel to anyone who wants to teach their dog to follow their rules using positive training techniques that last well beyond the week the pup learns them. We are so grateful for the peace and order she brought to our home and for the love and care she showed towards our dog and our entire family."

- Sandy O'Meara

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