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Whether you're frustrated with a new puppy's antics, puzzled by your dog's phobia of vacuums, or are experiencing more serious behavioral problems with your dog, 

Unleash ATL will provide you with the tools you need to live in harmony with your furry family members!



My mission is to provide evidence-based, force-free, effective training that both you and your dog will find rewarding. 

Get started on your dog training journey today with a complimentary phone consultation! Visit the CONTACT page to request your consultation.




Meet Rachel

I'm Rachel Callery, a Certified Professional Dog Trainer (CPDT-KA) and behavioral consultant based in Atlanta. My methods draw on both the science of behavior and the practical experience needed to help people meet their own goals with their dogs.


My mother is a veterinarian and her career sparked my interest in animal behavior and communication at a young age. I loved assisting in her clinic and helping the animals de-stress before their exams!


I attended the University of Georgia to study Psychology for my undergraduate degree with an emphasis on Animal Behavior. I entered UGA's Primate Cognition and Behavior Lab as a research assistant, and also performed comparative research in UGA's Infant Lab. I graduated in 2013 with a BSc in Psychology, and dual minors in Cognitive Science and Biology. After earning my bachelor's degree, I moved to Atlanta to join my doctoral program at Georgia State University. While continuing my research in animal behavior, I also began dog training professionally.


While I loved the rigor of my academic environment, I knew I wanted a more hands-on career in behavioral work. I decided to transition to full-time dog training and it's been a rewarding and challenging passion! Nothing is more fulfilling than seeing my canine clients making progress, meeting their training goals, and developing more understanding with their humans.


Meet Grizzly


Grizzly is the Unleash ATL puppy-mentor and mascot!


He enjoys helping with training and will often assist in sessions to set a good example for my canine students or help work with dogs who are afraid of other dogs. 


When he's not working, Griz loves to swim, go on hikes around Atlanta, and learn new things. Grizzly's most recent accomplishment has been learning to scent-track and indicate the location of my car keys! 


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