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Do you get stuck in a routine of giving your dog the same enrichment day after day?

Dogs AND people need a little variety to keep things interesting! Enrichment doesn’t have to be challenging or complicated. There are so many ways to meet your dog’s needs and have fun at the same time! Here’s a fun Enrichment Challenge that will provide physical and mental stimulation along with some relationship-building.

DAY 1: Take a Sniffari adventure with your dog on a long leash! Pick an area that is (ideally) spacious, grassy, and away from other dogs and people. is a great resource if you’re having trouble finding a suitable area near you! @sniffspots

DAY 2: Stuff Kongs and other fillable toys and freeze for later! My pup gets a ton of seasonal veggies and fruits this way. It’s a great way to use up leftover pumpkin puree!

DAY 3: Teach an easy new trick! Even something simple like a chin rest or a “give paw” behavior can be immensely useful in the future and fun to teach.

DAY 4: Use a flirt pole, ball, frisbee, or tug toy for a playtime workout! Moderate the intensity for your dog’s physical condition. My arthritic senior pup LOVES these activities, so I make sure he warms up beforehand and doesn’t jump while we play!

DAY 5: Scatter kibble/treats in the grass for your dog to sniff out! If you don’t have access to a grassy area, you can use a shag rug or a few snuffle mats to provide a similar experience.

Are you up for the challenge? I’m sure your dog is, too!


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